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Bulk Water Launcher

A manual water launcher is used efficiently in fire fighting, refrigeration, and ejector operations. The ejector is considered a basic equipment for fire engines and fire extinguishers. It is used efficiently in fire extinguishers and suitable for use in industrial and commercial areas, warehouses, workshops, airports and others.


Bavaria multi-purpose water thrower with modern design Qatar 2
The ejector is made of lightweight aluminum and is covered with a rubber layer to provide protection to the user.
The ejector gives water in the form of bottled water and spray.
The ejector is equipped with a hand to control the water exit.
The ejector gives the water a capacity of 215 liters / S when pressed.
Alcatel Blackor Morse Qatar 2 / 1 2 inches

Water Jet Branch Pipe
High strength aluminium alloy
Operation Mode
Full jet
Optimum Working Pressure Range
5-8 bar
Max. Output
215 l/min when the ball valve is completely opened
Max. Throw Range
29 m
Coupling Type
2.5 inch instantaneous coupling BS 366